A Look Back at Museumscapes circa 2004 - 2006

For a number of years this was Museumscapes website. Museumscapes offered concept design and narrative development, interpretation, artifact display, graphic design and layout, technology and interactive media, architectural adaptation, immersive environments, video, sound and special effects, exhibit text writing and editing, production, and installation.

Content is from the site's 2004 - 2006 archived pages.

The new owners of this domain have chosen to keep the memory of Museumscapes alive by creating an edited version of the original content as well as the use of other outside sources. Kudos to Druce Reiley and the talented folks of Museumscapes and BWC Creative.

At Museumscape, our creative team of artists, designers and fabricators understand that in a world of competing entertainment options, a successful exhibit has to grab its share of attention...and hold it.

We create original, visually exciting exhibits that educate with an engaging visual style - all while accurately incorporating scientific and historical content.


Editor's Note: Although it never came to fruition, I have felt the need for a museum to document the online experience, not of any specific kind of art, but the actual experiences provided by the web - good and bad. One such focus should be on big data, especially Google. The good is the convenience of knowledge at your fingertips. The bad, on the other hand is a much more interesting topic, and the museum documenting this should have many examples of things like the monopolistic successes of search and YouTube. But even more compelling would be to document the damage done to individuals and companies by Google's search results. There are thousands of examples. The most obvious would be the revelation of negative private information, whether it be revealing past misdeeds, bad reviews, product failures, scams, and false narratives that destroy reputations. Along these lines we would include the industries that arose to profit from the problems Google created, such as the online reputation management services, and the search engine optimization services that attempt to manipulate Google's search results to favor not just products, but to change the search results to limit the damage of harmful results. We spoke to the people behind the website imfy.us, which gave us insight into both the problems and the arcane solutions they provide. Then there are the organizations, like Regulate Google Now! that attempt to convince lawmakers to compel Google to enable victims to change the harmful results. The Museum of Google is bound to happen someday, but the idea first crossed the desk at museumscapes.net long before it became a reality.


American Airpower Heritage Museum

The American Airpower Heritage Museum houses 40,000 square feet of "hands-on" permanent exhibits that detail the story of World War II airpower. From the rise of Japanese and German militarism before World War II, to the introduction of the Atomic age, the AAHM provides interactive exhibits that illustrate aviation concepts and events from every theater of the war.


Druce Reiley, DAAP ’75, was the director and principal of Museumscape and and BWC Creative between September 1996 to November 2013. The company's clients included New Mexico Museum of Natural History in Albuquerque, the Coronado National Forest in Tucson and the Dallas Museum of Natural History.



The Museum of the Big Bend Grand Opening

The Museum of the Big Bend at Sul Ross State University Grand Opening

Alpine, TX, August 25, 2007 --PR.com-- Museumscapes is proud to announce the Grand Opening of The Museum of the Big Bend at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. The successful 5-year project features 5,000 square feet of engaging exhibits supported by monumental murals, detailed rock work, topical videos, interactive touch screens, and interpretive graphic panels that inform and excite the visitor about the vast and interesting history of the Big Bend region.

Museumscapes worked hand-in-hand with the museum staff from the renovation of the historic building through the exhibit conception, design, production, fabrication and installation phases.

Eleven team members were proud participants in the opening of The Museum of the Big Bend at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas, on Saturday, August 18th.


Dr Pepper Museum: W.W. "Foots" Clemens
MUSEUMSCAPES | Published on Jul 1, 2008
The 3rd floor of the Dr.Pepper Museum is home to the W.W. "Foots" Clements Free Enterprise Institute and a new exhibit honoring "Foots" (Dr.Pepper Salesman and CEO 1935-1980). It is a celebration of the contributions he made to the Dr.Pepper company as well as the Free Enterprise System of Economics, and a wonderful place to learn more about Dr.Pepper! The exhibit features a hologram of "Foots" inside a 1930's general store, three monumental Dr. Pepper style cans that feature video of "Foots", narrative panels on his life, two free interactive games, and "Foots" office. The exhibit opened in May of 2008.


BWC Creative

BWC Creative created not only the Logo Design, Business Card Design, Stationery Design, Brochure Design, Printing for Museumscapes, but also their Website Design.

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